Star Sisters

While wandering around this blog, you might have noticed a few recurring names.

Perhaps some talk of Star Sisters.

I use the term “Star Sisters” to describe my sisters/cousins because we have completely disregarded silly things like blood relations. The fact that we are a mix of cousins doesn’t apply to us at all anymore. We are close. We are together. Always.

Granny, Waverly, Catherine, Marie, and Maybelline.

My Star Sisters.

I hope to one day be able to extend Star Sisters to the rest of the world.

I want it to be like a family. Where everyone loves and believes in each other.

I know that kind of sounds wishy-washy dreamboat, but it’s really what this world needs.

A place of love.

Because I really believe that there isn’t a single problem in this world that can’t be fixed with love.

People who love others don’t insult. They don’t bully. They don’t hurt.

If people felt love they wouldn’t be depressed. They wouldn’t give up. They wouldn’t question their own value based on what someone else said.

Because nobody would have said it, if they could truly feel love.

I don’t know exactly how this would work.

I’m not sure what all it would contain.

But I know this, I really want to make it happen.

Because I think it could do something wonderful.