Little Notes: Quiet Busy-ness

Hello Gorgeous Souls!

It’s been a while since my last note. But it’s been a busy time. I’ve been trying to get a lot done, a lot scheduled. Halloween has passed. Thanksgiving approaches. Christmas shopping. We’re going on vacation at the end of this month. Christmas decor. More Christmas shopping. Present wrapping. Preparation. And then Christmas! And during that time I’ll be doing Vlogmas, so it’ll be quite an event.

Life is busy near the holidays, but it’s often a quiet busy-ness, if that makes sense. When you’re not in the Christmas crowds, you’re at home, planning and wrapping and decorating.

I spend a lot of time planning near the years end. I struggle with remembering that I need to enjoy the rest of 2015. That there is more time to do wondrous things with life. I guess it’s because I get so swept away in the planning. But I’ve tried to remember more this year. No skipping! Enjoy each and every moment! And if I have an idea for next year I write it down… and put it away. It’s not time yet. It’s still 2015. The year of Believing In Myself.

I’m not allowing myself to pick out a word of the year for 2016 yet. I must wait. I’m not allowing myself to fill out my LDI 2016 Workbooks until after Christmas. Just like last year. It was hard, but I managed! And then I enjoyed a few blissful after-Christmas-days of planning and solitude. That often helps me get rid of the sad feeling of “Christmas is over!”, which is sometimes hard to cope with.

So my time right now is being spent planning and fulfilling the rest of 2015. Completing goals I never dreamed of accomplishing, and Creating A Life I Love Living. What bliss!

Love always,




I Never Wanted To Be Skinny

Hello Gorgeous Souls

Today I’m going a bit personal. It might get a bit ramble-y who knows? But I’ve got some stuff that I want to get out there, so here goes.

Let’s talk about that word.


What does it mean exactly? Websters dictionary defines it as “very thin”. Society defines it as a requirement. For me, it’s defined as an annoyance.

I never wanted to be skinny.

I have heard that word my entire life. People have called me skinny, a skinny-minny, barely there, said that I was built like a dancer, and so on and so forth. And I have hated it. I hate it.

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I Am Enough.

Hello Darling Hearts!

This is insane. This is almost impossible.

But it happened.

And I have to share it with you.

Because last night I came to the greatest realization I’ve had in life so far.

I finally said it. I finally believed it.

I Am Enough.

I felt like I was on top of the world.

I said goodbye to Lauren the negative self critic.

Because I realized that she was my worst bully.

She hurt me more than anyone else ever has.

I said things to myself that I would never, in my cruelest moments, say to someone else.

But I took it as if I deserved it.

As if I deserved hate.

And you know what?

I don’t.

There is enough hate in this world already. There are enough people to hate me. Why be one of my own enemies.

Not anymore.

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Beautifully Imperfect?

Hello Gorgeous Soul!

A year ago, if you told me that I would participate in a tag called #ImperfectlyMeVG , I would have laughed.

Me? Share my imperfections? The things that I am self conscious about? Along with a picture of myself?

Yeah right!

But things are starting to change.

And I’m starting to realize that those imperfections? They make me who I am.

They don’t have the power to take away anything from me, unless I give that power over to them by feeling self conscious.

We are all beautiful.

Not despite our imperfections, but sometimes because of them.

They add to who we are.

Who was it who decided that they were “imperfections” anyway?

Society. Society and its dirty little judgmental mind.

 They’ve created this ideal of “perfection”. And it is impossible to obtain.

They created the “ideal woman”.

She doesn’t exist. She never has and never will.

So where did this idea come from?

It was created.

And, it was created solely for the purpose of putting you down and making you feel inferior.Read More »

#100HappyDays – Why I Am Doing It

Hello Dear Ones!

If you’re following my Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I have begun the #100HappyDays Challenge.

The challenge is simple, or so it appears.

Post one picture of something that makes you happy every day for 100 days.

No biggie, right?

Except that it kind of is.

So much so, that 71% of the people who started this challenge weren’t able to finish it.

The excuse was that they were “too busy” to find the time for happiness.

71% of people are too busy to be happy!

To me, that is a big deal!

And I was almost one of the 71%! When I first heard about this website I thought: “That’s really cool! But 100 days….. that’s a lot to ask. Would I even remember?”

Thankfully, after reading the website, I changed my mind.Read More »

False Positive Body Image

Hello Darling Hearts,

Let’s just get one thing clear, right here from the start.


Completely and totally amazingly beautiful.

Body image is something that has been around for centuries.

Women have almost always been expected to look a certain way, otherwise they are deemed unattractive.

I believe that we are in the worst time for body image in the history of mankind.

Why are we, in my opinion, living in the worst time for body image?Read More »

Vlogging and My YouTube Channel

Hello Dearest,

If you follow me on Twitter you already know about my new YouTube channel, but I’d like to share more about it here. Perhaps in a bit more than 140 characters. 🙂

I have decided to do this in a Q and A format, so that I can be sure to answer any questions you might have.

When did you get the idea to start vlogging?

When I first began blogging I had no intentions of starting a YouTube channel. I had (still have some) pretty bad self esteem issues with cameras. So, trying to talk in front of one was pretty much impossible.

But, by trying to accomplish one of my 2015 goals of being less self conscious about pictures and videos of me, I decided to give this a shot.Read More »

Creating Your Reality

Hello Dear Ones!

How often have you heard the statement:

“Come back to reality.”


“Let’s be realistic here.”

Quite a few times right?

Those are both very common phrases. Sometimes they are meant well, and sometimes they are meant to bring you down.

But no matter how they are meant, if you take that advice to heart you are hurting yourself more than you know.

What is reality?

Let’s take a look at the meaning.

“The quality or state of being real.”

Seems legit, right?

But, far too often, that is not how it is used by us.

When we use one of the above phrases, what we are really saying is that we think that the person we are speaking to has their head in the clouds. They aren’t thinking “realistically” or intelligently about the subject.

They are dreaming. They are shooting waaayyyy too far.

They will fail.


That’s what we use the word “reality” for.

To bring people back to the way we think they should be thinking.

But who are we to decide what reality is?

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My Gratitude Journal

Hello Darling Hearts,

One of my Christmas presents from Granny was a gratitude journal.

Waverly and Catherine also received one.

I really love this journal.

It isn’t hard to find the time to write in it, you have two lines per day, plus a page a month.

It is filled with quotes and tips on writing and gratitude. Just the motivation you need.

I’ll tell you the truth, sometimes, I forget to be grateful. I do.

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