Vlogging and My YouTube Channel

Hello Dearest,

If you follow me on Twitter you already know about my new YouTube channel, but I’d like to share more about it here. Perhaps in a bit more than 140 characters. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have decided to do this in a Q and A format, so that I can be sure to answer any questions you might have.

When did you get the idea to start vlogging?

When I first began blogging I had no intentions of starting a YouTube channel. I had (still have some) pretty bad self esteem issues with cameras. So, trying to talk in front of one was pretty much impossible.

But, by trying to accomplish one of my 2015 goals of being less self conscious about pictures and videos of me, I decided to give this a shot.Read More »


Welcome To WordPress

Hello Darling Hearts!

Welcome to my new WordPress.com site!

I hope you like the change, and are able to easily navigate and find what it is you need.

I registered this account a bit ago and have been trying to decide which blogging platform was best for me right now.

After careful comparison I decided to switch over to WordPress.com.

I’m using .com when I say that, because as some of you may know, there is also a WordPress.org.

That is my goal.

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Hello New Year!

Hello Darling Hearts!

It’s a brand new year and I’m so glad to be sharing it with you!

After going through the amazing Susannah Conway’s Find Your Word for 2015: A Free Five-Day Email Class, I have found my word for this year.

My word is:

Why believe?

Because this is the year I start to believe that my dreams can become my reality.

Last year I started the process of believing in myself, (still a work in progress), and now I am ready to move forward a bit more.

Actually, a lot more. I have so many goals to accomplish this year.

I have things I want to do, and for the first time, I am believing that I can do them!

My goals might seem a bit daunting to me right now. And, who knows, I might not get them all accomplished this year. But who cares? I started. And I’ll keep on going.

I’m not going to finish this race on my own time. I accept that. I don’t have control over everything and I’m just going to have to live with it.

But I do have control over whether or not I try. And I’m going to do it.

And I will finish the race.ย 

Not when I think I should. But when I need to. Not when my mind thinks I need to. But when God knows I need to.

Some of my life goals for this year are:

Be MYSELF in everything I do, despite what others may think of me.

Be less self conscious when it comes to pictures of myself.

Art journal more.

Fill out my Gratitude journal (gift from Granny) completely.

Take more beautiful photographs, just because.

Some of my business goals for this year are:

Make YouTube videos such as vlogs/challenges/etc.

Blog/vlog *at least* once a week.

Write an eBook (maybe more than one) and offer it for sale on my blog.

Purchase better equipment to improve my blog/videos.

Add some listings to Etsy

Design my blog to look just how I want it.

Purchase a custom domain name.

Become affiliates for/collaborate with some of my favorite people/companies so that I can share the love.

Give back to spread the positivity.

While you’re reading this you’ll find me celebrating the New Year with my Star Sisters, letting go of the past and preparing for the future. I hope you’ll come back to join me on my journey.

Until then, thanks for stopping by!


The Amazing 2014 – A Proper Goodbye

Hello Darling Hearts!

Well, we’re officially here!

This is the last day of 2014.ย 

I will remember this year for the rest of my life.

It was amazing. It was perfect. It was everything I ever dreamed of.

I did it.

I believed in myself. I created myself. I allowed myself permission to be myself.


I found something I love doing. I dared to dream of a future that I get to help determine.

I did it.

And I’m proud of myself for it.

If in 2013 you told me any of this was going to happen, I’d never have believed you.

Me? Try something? Start believing that I can do something? That I am meant for something?


But I set a goal this year. A goal that I accomplished.

And I’m ready to move on.

I’ve got more goals for next year. And I plan on accomplishing them.

I’m ready to change. I’m ready to become. And for the first time in forever, I’m not afraid.

This is it. This is what I’ve been waiting for. The entire time I was looking for it I never once thought about creating it. A life I truly love. Doing something I love. Being everything I ever dreamed of being,

2014 was a year of believing. A year of conquering fears in small ways. Now for the big steps.

2015, I am ready for you. Bring on the awesome!

ย ย Signature

Lauren Ceallaigh?

(this is an old post from my Blogger blog)

Hello My Dearest Ones,

No doubt you’ve noticed the name change, huh?

Welcome to LaurenCeallaigh.blogspot.com

I’m sure it might spark some negativity. Some people might have liked it better the other way.

I’ll be the first to say, I loved it too!

Enchanted By This Life was a name I created in the beginning of this year. The amazing 2014! And was it ever amazing!

I started out with a goal that I accomplished completely. A goal I will continue to accomplish.

To start looking for the things to be enchanted by.

To stop letting the days fly by as “just days”. Days in which nothing extraordinary happened.

I started looking for beauty. And beauty began showing itself in ways that were there all along, if only I had stopped to look.

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More Posts Soon?

Hello Dear Ones,

I am sure you’ve noticed that posts are dwindling here lately. My sincerest apologies.

I am in fact still writing. But I am also planning.

I am planning to have so much more on this blog next year.

For me, 2014 was a year of beginnings.

“2014 – The Year it all Began”

That’s what my 2014 art journal says.

Because I really did start believing in myself more. I started learning more. I started looking more on how I could accomplish things. And I really started to try. I stopped being so petrified of failing.

I’m still working on the worrying thing. I am still afraid of failing. But I’m not as afraid as I once was. And that is a tremendous improvement.

When I first began blogging (not here, but somewhere else) I tried to post about the things that would gain blog traffic and followers. That was my sole purpose. Now it’s so much more than that.

I want this blog to be helpful and fun to read. I want to you enjoy being here. I want you to read something that really speaks to you.

I don’t just write about popular things anymore. Because I don’t just want to gain traffic from what’s popular. I want to obtain a steady following of people who love reading my blog. And what’s stopping me?

So please don’t worry about my current lack of posts. I am working on improving that big time.

By 2015 I want to be posting regularly. I’m not sure if I am going to post things on a set day (ex: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) or maybe try and have a certain number of posts per week, but I am going to make sure that post frequently.

I am even going to try and schedule posts when we are away on vacation, that way it doesn’t get too quiet around here.

I have a lot more that I am working on, I will share my full list on New Years Eve. (I know that seems like a long way off, but it isn’t. It’ll be here before you know it.)

I want next year to be “2015 – The Spectacular Year”

Do you think I can do it? I hope so. I sure as heck am going to try.

I don’t expect to suddenly be one of the most popular blogs, have 50,000 views per day, or a million followers. But I want to work towards it.

I want to start.

I want to try.

And it’s time.


Your Blog is YOURS: Don’t Obey Every Blogging Rule

Hello Dear One!

If you’ve ever tried blogging, you probably read a book about it, or read a couple of blog posts on the subject, did a little research, etc…..

And what did you most likely find?

A list (or lists) of “Blogging Don’ts”.

I have found many of these lists. Many, many, many, of these lists.

And while some of them do offer great tips, (add pictures for your readers, add labels (or tags) so that people can find your blog posts via search engine, spell check,), most of them are just people sharing “rules” that they themselves have made up.

That doesn’t work.Read More »