Little Notes: Quiet Busy-ness

Hello Gorgeous Souls!

It’s been a while since my last note. But it’s been a busy time. I’ve been trying to get a lot done, a lot scheduled. Halloween has passed. Thanksgiving approaches. Christmas shopping. We’re going on vacation at the end of this month. Christmas decor. More Christmas shopping. Present wrapping. Preparation. And then Christmas! And during that time I’ll be doing Vlogmas, so it’ll be quite an event.

Life is busy near the holidays, but it’s often a quiet busy-ness, if that makes sense. When you’re not in the Christmas crowds, you’re at home, planning and wrapping and decorating.

I spend a lot of time planning near the years end. I struggle with remembering that I need to enjoy the rest of 2015. That there is more time to do wondrous things with life. I guess it’s because I get so swept away in the planning. But I’ve tried to remember more this year. No skipping! Enjoy each and every moment! And if I have an idea for next year I write it down… and put it away. It’s not time yet. It’s still 2015. The year of Believing In Myself.

I’m not allowing myself to pick out a word of the year for 2016 yet. I must wait. I’m not allowing myself to fill out my LDI 2016 Workbooks until after Christmas. Just like last year. It was hard, but I managed! And then I enjoyed a few blissful after-Christmas-days of planning and solitude. That often helps me get rid of the sad feeling of “Christmas is over!”, which is sometimes hard to cope with.

So my time right now is being spent planning and fulfilling the rest of 2015. Completing goals I never dreamed of accomplishing, and Creating A Life I Love Living. What bliss!

Love always,