Sharing The Love – August 31st

Hello Gorgeous Souls!

It’s time once again, to Share The Love!

These are links to some really neat things that I have found from other websites. (No sponsors, just something I stumbled upon!) You really should have a look!

This awesome poet on Tumblr who describes emotions as colors.

This hilariously titled Hate The Donut, Not The Fatty video by Meghan Tonjes about weight and self-love.

These 15 empowering book quotes for young adults. (or anyone who wants to read them, because screw stereotypes!)

This list of words that don’t exist, but should.

These J K Rowling quotes worth paying attention to.

These 8 Smartphone Photography Tricks. (yay!)

The Love Letter Library. (just check it out, believe me!)

Remember, if you find something awesome, don’t forget to share! Mention your link in the comments and I might add it to the next Share The Love! (Feel free to add your own link as well!)

Love always,



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