Where There Is Love – Finding Love In Ordinary Places

Hello Gorgeous Souls!

What is love to you?

To me, it seems as if our definition of love has turned into elaborate gestures of affection. As if your love must be proved to others time and time again, in bigger and bigger ways, or else it does not exist.

That is not love.

I’m not saying love isn’t involved in the gestures. But that is not the only place love exists.

Where There Is Love

The other day I was laid out outside writing in my journals, and I thought “I feel so at peace right now.”  The sun was shining through the trees, the birds were singing, and when I glanced up at my sisters I saw them throwing their heads back and laughing. I felt love. For everything. I felt grateful. For everything.

There was nothing elaborate about the days events. Rather, they were quite simple. But they were perfect. Because there was love.

I started thinking about the things I love, and the places and actions that I see love dwelling inside. Simple things. Everyday happenings. Things that can pass by in seconds if we don’t stop to notice them. This is the list I’ve come up with.

A hug from a child. For what appears to be no reason at all.

When someone tries to make you smile, just because they want you to be happy.

When you are speaking to someone and they really listen. Because they believe what you have to say matters.

Also: When you are with someone you love and it is quiet, but not at all awkward. The feeling of contentment just being together, not having to say one word.

That little unexpected tidbit of love when you are having a really hard day. It can be someone doing something for you so that you don’t have to, or even bringing you a treat. Just those sweet little things.

When someone can’t do something, or doesn’t like doing something, but tries for you anyway.

Parents being Santa’s helpers, because they believe in the magic of Christmas.

A handmade or specially picked out gift. Because you were worth it to that person.

When someone gives their time, talent, or treasures, and expects nothing in return.

People treating each other as equals *no matter what*.

A new parent watching their baby sleep. Staring with both contentment and enchantment.

A selfless gift from a child.

Forgiveness. Whether asked for or not. You cannot forgive without love.

An old man walking his wife to the door…. and carrying her purse. 🙂

Someone who can always make you laugh, and always wants to.

Something created slowly, with loving patience and precision. As well as something created quickly, letting all the magic flow out in one moment. As long as love is in the creators heart, their creations are love.

Someone following their dream, and having the courage to believe in themselves.

Being trusted completely by someone.

People using their talents to make the world a better place.

Letting go of your safety net in order to become a better person, so that you can then help others become better as well.

Looking back at a favorite memory and reliving that moment.

Moments of contentment, in this crazy thing we call life.

That’s my list. What’s on yours?

Love always,



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