Beautifully Imperfect?

Hello Gorgeous Soul!

A year ago, if you told me that I would participate in a tag called #ImperfectlyMeVG , I would have laughed.

Me? Share my imperfections? The things that I am self conscious about? Along with a picture of myself?

Yeah right!

But things are starting to change.

And I’m starting to realize that those imperfections? They make me who I am.

They don’t have the power to take away anything from me, unless I give that power over to them by feeling self conscious.

We are all beautiful.

Not despite our imperfections, but sometimes because of them.

They add to who we are.

Who was it who decided that they were “imperfections” anyway?

Society. Society and its dirty little judgmental mind.

 They’ve created this ideal of “perfection”. And it is impossible to obtain.

They created the “ideal woman”.

She doesn’t exist. She never has and never will.

So where did this idea come from?

It was created.

And, it was created solely for the purpose of putting you down and making you feel inferior.

But why?

Why would they want to to feel that way?

Let me answer that question with another question.

If you (and all other women everywhere) were taught that you are gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, talented, and utmost extraordinary, would you ever be insecure enough to fall for society’s ploys?

No. You wouldn’t.

If we were taught that we are all those things, we wouldn’t be a culture that spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on unnecessary cosmetic surgery every year.

We wouldn’t waste time with the latest fashion trends, and worry about getting our hair fixed so that we can keep up with the new style.

We wouldn’t purchase so many different cosmetics that we change our appearance enough to be a completely different person.


We would be who we are and we would love every minute of it.

We would wear what we wanted, without caring if it was trendy or in style.

We would be who we actually truly are.

 But if that were to actually happen the cosmetic and fashion industries would lose millions of dollars.

And they don’t want to do that.

So they’ll keep promoting their lies.

They’ll photoshop a naturally beautiful woman into someone she herself can no longer recognize.

They’ll create “rules” and “standards” that we simply must obey.

They’ll continue to promote “natural beauty” and something that you can only achieve by using neutral toned cosmetics.

And we’ll fall further and further as we desperately try to obtain something we can never have.

Filling and smothering our bodies with harmful toxins and chemicals as we strive for “perfection”.

This has got to stop!

When is enough, actually enough?

Is that really the world you want your daughter to grow up/live in? How about your granddaughter? Sister? Cousin? 


If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for them.

If you haven’t yet realized how much you’re worth, how perfect you are, then do it for them.

Do it for the men too! Teach them that those “women” in magazines and on TV aren’t real. Show them to respect women for their natural beauty and their flaws.

We have to do it. It has to be done.

We need to change the idea that perfection means a standard set by someone else.

Your “imperfections” are perfectly your own.

Flawless does not mean beautiful.

Flawless does not exist.


If you want to participate in Violet Gray Designs #ImperfectlyMeVG campaign, here is the link for their Instagram page. The campaign actually started and ended February 14th, but if this is something you feel like you need to do, you really should do it!

Questions? Comments? Rants? Ideas? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Have a great day, beautiful!

Love always,



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