False Positive Body Image

Hello Darling Hearts,

Let’s just get one thing clear, right here from the start.


Completely and totally amazingly beautiful.

Body image is something that has been around for centuries.

Women have almost always been expected to look a certain way, otherwise they are deemed unattractive.

I believe that we are in the worst time for body image in the history of mankind.

Why are we, in my opinion, living in the worst time for body image?

Because we are the first culture to pretend that we believe in “body positivity”, when that is actually a BIG lie.

They still have a beauty standard. They still think that certain body types are ugly. They still use photoshop very heavily and pretend that they don’t.

“Plus size is beautiful too!”

Oh yeah. You obviously believe that. That’s why to took a size 16 woman and shaped her down to an 8 for your “plus size” advertisement. That’s why you removed every little curve on her body that you didn’t think looked beautiful. That’s why. Because you’re so body positive.

There is still a beauty standard. They just don’t want you to think that there is. They want you to believe that they think you’re beautiful. You just need to use their products to be even more beautiful.

They are full of crap.

If there weren’t  beauty standards, you wouldn’t be judged every time you walk down the street.

If there weren’t beauty standards, you wouldn’t be expected to be a certain shape. And if you aren’t that shape, be told how to get into that shape.

Beauty standards are all around us.

And, by the looks of things, they aren’t going away any time soon.

Unless we make them.

These people think that they are so clever.

“Create ads featuring plus sized models to show that we think every one is beautiful.” (photoshop them into what we think is really beautiful)

“Let’s use an average woman in our campaign so that women can relate to her.” (photoshop her too!)

“We’re going to use a slogan like ‘Natural Beauty is Best!’ for our cosmetic line” (PHOTOSHOP! PHOTOSHOP!)

They want to trick everyone into loving their company and what it stands for, when it really doesn’t stand for that at all!

(I’m not saying all companies are like that. There are a lot of great one’s that really believe in great values, and want women to be beautiful. Sadly, the major companies often outshine them with their false advertisement and ridiculous claims.)

Society tries to fit every woman into this “perfect” mold of what we “should” be.

Truthfully, most of us fall short of that mold and always will.

That is their plan.

Take a moment to consider this:

Why would a company that makes almost all of its money selling products to insecure women, want them to not feel insecure?


They wouldn’t.

If they help you realize how extraordinary you actually are, they lose a customer.

And heaven forbid that happen!

So of course they are going to make you feel as homely and ugly as they possibly can. That is how they make their money.

They make you feel ugly by making you compare yourself to a face that doesn’t really exist. Then tell you “No no! You are beautiful! You just don’t see it! Here! Use our anti aging, skin glowing, tightening, smoothing, stretching, turn back time, Barbie skin, moisturizing, cleansing, zit removing, wrinkle erasing, face burning, lip plumping, eye enlarging, pore tightening, nose shrinking, cellulite reducing, muscle building, toning, breast enlarging, thigh shrinking, silky skin  cream and in five days you’ll feel gorgeous!”

I’m telling you! Name your “problem” and you’ll find some sort of cream out there that’ll cure you.

Because they know you feel insecure. They’ve helped you get that way.

But they understand you. They want to help you. They know what the average woman should look like. And they’ll help you achieve it.

Before you know it you’re rubbing every kind of cream every where you can think of, trying to turn back the hands of time, because HEAVEN FORBID YOU LOOK OLD!!!

I mean can you imagine?! What if you looked like….. *whispers so as not to offend anyone*  you’ve lived?!

Like you’ve been here on this earth and had a great life. Wouldn’t that just AWFUL?!

What if you looked happy? Like you didn’t spend all of your time staring at this portrayal of WHAT YOU COULD LOOK LIKE and instead spent that time enjoying the life you were given?

Weren’t so concerning with how the world views you, that you created a you that YOU LOVE?

Dearest, you are going to be judged by people for the rest of your life.

Why don’t you give yourself a break and stop judging yourself?

You have no reason to hold yourself to someone else’s standard.

You are creating your own life, why not create your own beauty.

My opinion on the only body standard you should hold yourself to?

Is my body healthy?

And I don’t mean that you are so healthy that you never look at a piece of chocolate. Or that you work out for hours.

I mean healthy as in:

Can my body take me where I need to go and do the things I want to do?

Your body is your vehicle.

If it drives like crap, it doesn’t matter if it has the best paint job and the cleanest mirrors.

That vehicle won’t get you to the places you need to go.

And oh, the places you’ll go.  (Thanks Dr. Seuss!)

You have got so very much to do!

So many places to go!

So many things to accomplish!

Don’t waste a single second of that precious time worrying about what the world expects of you.

You’re here for so much more.

And even if you don’t what that is yet, don’t let all that critical negativity slow you down.

You’re far too good for it.

Love always,



2 thoughts on “False Positive Body Image

    • Thanks beautiful! I just popped over to your blog and I love it! Already hit the follow button! Thanks for sharing the love, I like knowing when something I write is helpful. This really was a post written from the heart, so I’m glad you enjoyed it! : )

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