Creating Your Reality

Hello Dear Ones!

How often have you heard the statement:

“Come back to reality.”


“Let’s be realistic here.”

Quite a few times right?

Those are both very common phrases. Sometimes they are meant well, and sometimes they are meant to bring you down.

But no matter how they are meant, if you take that advice to heart you are hurting yourself more than you know.

What is reality?

Let’s take a look at the meaning.

“The quality or state of being real.”

Seems legit, right?

But, far too often, that is not how it is used by us.

When we use one of the above phrases, what we are really saying is that we think that the person we are speaking to has their head in the clouds. They aren’t thinking “realistically” or intelligently about the subject.

They are dreaming. They are shooting waaayyyy too far.

They will fail.


That’s what we use the word “reality” for.

To bring people back to the way we think they should be thinking.

But who are we to decide what reality is?

Your Reality

If reality is “the state of being real”, doesn’t that mean that everyone has a different reality?

Reality is whatever you make your life.

If you truly believe that you can make your dreams become your reality, than no one has any business telling you that it is impossible.

Life is a very different journey for everyone.

So why would we think for a single moment that reality would be the same.

You create your reality. You amazing thing, you!

Every choice you make. Every dream you have. Every thing you fight for. Every single thing that you believe in.

THAT is your reality!

You create it. You dream it. You decide what it is.

Your reality and your destiny are connected.

You choose your destiny by how you live your reality.

Don’t let someone else’s reality determine your future.

Most of the time using the word “reality” is really just an excuse to think negatively, without sounding too negative.

It is a way of saying “I don’t think you can do it.”, but making it sound polite.

Reality is something we create, but so many people have this idea that it is this rule set in stone.

And there is another idea. Reality means boring. When you come back from your dream vacation, you’re “back to reality”.

Why and when did we decide that reality meant that?

This boring place that we all have to escape from for a little bit, but are stuck coming back to? This place of limitations, and rules we must follow?

Why does “reality” have to mean everything we hate?

Because the real world is a hard place. Life isn’t fair.

No. Life isn’t fair. But that doesn’t mean that life is bad. That the real world isn’t full of beauty as well.

And another question, what is it that is going to happen if we dared to break those rules?

What is going to happen to that crazy dreamer with her head in the clouds that just refuses to believe that her life can’t be everything she ever dreamed of?

Well, one day she’ll just have to wake up and face “reality”.

No. No she won’t. She is already in reality. Her reality. She created it with her dreams. With her refusal to give up or give in. She did what all the naysayers claimed was impossible. She took that leap of faith. And she soared.

Why would you even think about letting someone else define and limit you.

You are capable of anything. Anything.

So dream, darling.

Create, dear one.

Look to the rising sun. Move onward.

Your life is waiting.

Your destiny is ready to unfold.

Make it everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more.

Welcome to reality.

Love always,



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