My Gratitude Journal

Hello Darling Hearts,

One of my Christmas presents from Granny was a gratitude journal.

Waverly and Catherine also received one.

I really love this journal.

It isn’t hard to find the time to write in it, you have two lines per day, plus a page a month.

It is filled with quotes and tips on writing and gratitude. Just the motivation you need.

I’ll tell you the truth, sometimes, I forget to be grateful. I do.

I forget how amazing life is, that every single breath is a miracle, that I have the ability to do so much with my life. I don’t even think about it.

That’s where this journal comes in.

Every night/early next morning, I write down what I was grateful for that day.

And it can be something small, or at least something that seems small. It doesn’t matter. Because every little bit of gratitude goes a long way.

I start seeing everything I take for granted. I notice more little things.

When I sit down to write in my journal, I don’t have to think: “What am I grateful for?” because I’ve started to notice more. Whenever “it” happens that day, I notice it then and there. I think “This. This is what I’m grateful for today.”

Which is a great experience.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you need a gratitude journal in your life, you need to know this:

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

If you only use one (year- long) gratitude journal in your entire life, you’ll have noticed 365 things to be grateful for.


So whenever you’re feeling down, all you have to do is pop open that journal, and pick a page.

You’ll realize all that you really have. You’ll start looking at life with a bit more wonder.

There are so many things out there to be grateful for.

You really should be taking note of them.

So, whether you decide to purchase a journal (I recommend the above one that I use), or you just grab a notebook and start jotting some things down.

I wish you luck, love, peace, and contentment.

You are about to begin a marvelous journey, one without end



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