My YouTube Channel? – AKA My Crazy Adventure In Video Land!

Hello Darling Hearts!

If you’ve seen my goal list for 2015, you’ll know that one of my goals is to make and upload YouTube videos.

Well with the help of Star Sisters Waverly and Catherine, we’ve started the process of achieving that goal.

Here are the links to my channel, Cat’s channel, and Wave’s channel.

(there aren’t videos up yet, but we’re working on that right now)

We’ve been planning to do this for several months now, but had to have some patience while everything came together.

If you’re wanting a lengthy crazy video land story, you’ve come to the right place. However, if that isn’t your thing, feel free to hop on over to my Instagram or Twitter for something short and sweet!

My first step was looking for a camera or camcorder.

So I started looking online, and had pretty much resigned to using my Nexus 7 tablet (which I adore) at first, and then later getting a better camera.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret that I learned in 2014. (Thanks Gran!)

If you really want something. Really, really want it. You should say you want it.

Put it out there. Go somewhere by yourself. Pull out your favorite notebook, or your planner, (or your totally awesome Leonie Dawson 2015 Workbook), and write down a list of things you need/want.

If you want to do what I did, you can categorize this list by things you need ASAP, things you need sometime in the future, and things you hope to own one day, but don’t have to have right now.

Because guess what? God and the universe are listening.

But you have to want it. You have to admit you want it. You have to want it enough to ask for it.

Not totally believing this?

Don’t worry, I didn’t either.

It was definitely a case of “Okay….. I’ll try if you want, Granny.”

But, as per usual, she was right. It works.

(I’ll write a post more on that subject later.)

It does work. Because within weeks of actually saying “Yes, I need a camcorder, or camera, or something! It doesn’t have to be great. I can get something better later, but I need something to start with!” a camcorder fell into my lap.


At no cost to me, a camcorder was given to me. Complete with case and a great tripod.

Uh huh.

Someone had this “Sony Carl Vario-Tessar DCR-DVD610” camcorder, and decided they didn’t want it anymore. So they gave it away!

Now I had a camcorder and a tripod.

And I freaked out a little bit.


But I didn’t have a USB cord. (used to transfer the video files onto a computer)

But I sure as heck wasn’t ready to give up now! So I went through every cord that I owned (and discovered I own way too many and don’t know what half of them actually belong to!) and attempted to make them work with my camcorder. Cat brought some of hers to let me try too.

None of them fit. And the moment of doubt began to set it.

When Catherine brought me her last cord and told me to try, I said no. It didn’t look like it would fit. She said “Just try it. What do you have to lose?”

So I pulled out that camcorder again. And guess what? A perfect fit.

Think Cinderella and the glass slipper.

Cat was smirking saying “I told you so.” I, however, was ecstatic.

Everything was coming together. Perfectly.

After that I discovered I needed a battery charger for it. After some research online I decided to purchase the off brand battery and charger so that I could make sure it worked properly. I didn’t want to spend the money on a name brand (surprisingly expensive) charger just in case the camcorder didn’t work, or the battery was the wrong fit. My plan was that if everything worked out with the cheaper one, I would then purchase the more expensive one.

Once again, I had an angel looking out for me.

Because that cheap charger and extra battery that I thought was going to be quite basically crap, turned out to be perfect. It is a great charger, some of the reviews on it say that it works even better than the Sony brand!


And then I had to order a memory stick. No problems there. All worked out well.

So I have the camcorder. I have the tripod. I have the batteries/charger. I have the memory stick. I have the place to start recording. So it’s finally time to begin!

I set up all the stuff, and Waverly and I have a practice session. We were crazy. We had fun. In about 30 minutes of footage we were able to properly practice about three times maybe?

But I got the footage I needed to try out video editing.

So time for that second step. Video editing. (This was not a step. In no way can this be classified as a step. This was a leap. A jump. This was hurling myself off a cliff!)

But, that was kind of my own fault. Because for some reason, I had this thought. (You know those thoughts right? The ones that you have and then later you think “How stupid am I?”)

I thought “Video editing can’t be all that difficult right? It’s just going to be jump cuts to begin with anyway. I’ll just upload the video, jump cut what I need to, and then I’ll upload to YouTube. No problem.”

I look back and have a chuckle at my naivety. (read: stupidity)

So Waverly is letting me use her computer which has Windows 8 installed on it. (my Acer Chromebook doesn’t have a very good video editor)

Windows = Windows Movie Maker (usually)

So I hop onto the computer, plug in the camcorder, and upload my video.

And so it begins.

Windows Movie Maker opens. All is well. But then I notice something that begins to worry me a bit.

No video.

You can hear the audio from the video, but the entire screen is black.


Enter a lot of hassle, many YouTube tutorials (to quote Waverly: “When in doubt, turn to YouTube.”, and a file converter.

After converting the file something that WMM would accept, I began editing.

Oh. Boy.

I think I spent 2 hours figuring out how to jump cut and getting half of the video edited, before WMM crashed and I lost all of my work.


Then I spent 2 more hours (I did time myself this time) re-editing the video.

After that I began uploading it to YouTube, which somehow took about 45 minutes for an 11 minute video.

But, guys, it’s there!

It’s on private, because it is just a test video. But we did it!

We recorded a video!

I edited a video!

The sky did not fall. Catastrophe did not set it. 

It’s not a perfect video, but it really wasn’t meant to be.

We act crazy, have a few laughs, and get a little practice in. We had fun.

So maybe it was kind of perfect after all.

And I’m happy with it.

And I look forward to the next time, and making a real video!

Thanks for joining me for this craziness, and I’ll see you on YouTube soon!



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