Vlogging and My YouTube Channel

Hello Dearest,

If you follow me on Twitter you already know about my new YouTube channel, but I’d like to share more about it here. Perhaps in a bit more than 140 characters. 🙂

I have decided to do this in a Q and A format, so that I can be sure to answer any questions you might have.

When did you get the idea to start vlogging?

When I first began blogging I had no intentions of starting a YouTube channel. I had (still have some) pretty bad self esteem issues with cameras. So, trying to talk in front of one was pretty much impossible.

But, by trying to accomplish one of my 2015 goals of being less self conscious about pictures and videos of me, I decided to give this a shot.Read More »


Creating Your Reality

Hello Dear Ones!

How often have you heard the statement:

“Come back to reality.”


“Let’s be realistic here.”

Quite a few times right?

Those are both very common phrases. Sometimes they are meant well, and sometimes they are meant to bring you down.

But no matter how they are meant, if you take that advice to heart you are hurting yourself more than you know.

What is reality?

Let’s take a look at the meaning.

“The quality or state of being real.”

Seems legit, right?

But, far too often, that is not how it is used by us.

When we use one of the above phrases, what we are really saying is that we think that the person we are speaking to has their head in the clouds. They aren’t thinking “realistically” or intelligently about the subject.

They are dreaming. They are shooting waaayyyy too far.

They will fail.


That’s what we use the word “reality” for.

To bring people back to the way we think they should be thinking.

But who are we to decide what reality is?

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Welcome To WordPress

Hello Darling Hearts!

Welcome to my new WordPress.com site!

I hope you like the change, and are able to easily navigate and find what it is you need.

I registered this account a bit ago and have been trying to decide which blogging platform was best for me right now.

After careful comparison I decided to switch over to WordPress.com.

I’m using .com when I say that, because as some of you may know, there is also a WordPress.org.

That is my goal.

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My Gratitude Journal

Hello Darling Hearts,

One of my Christmas presents from Granny was a gratitude journal.

Waverly and Catherine also received one.

I really love this journal.

It isn’t hard to find the time to write in it, you have two lines per day, plus a page a month.

It is filled with quotes and tips on writing and gratitude. Just the motivation you need.

I’ll tell you the truth, sometimes, I forget to be grateful. I do.

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My 2015 Book List

Hello Darling Hearts!

I recently purchased Leonie Dawson’s 2015 Create Your Shining Year Workbook and so far I am loving it!

There are so many amazing pages full of inspiration! (A preview of those pages)

One of the recent pages I filled out was the “Books I’d Like to Read” page.

Last year I read one of the best books I have ever read. It was called Little Bee by Chris Cleave. It was probably one of the craziest emotional roller coasters of a book I’ve ever read.

I usually hate sad endings. I feel this way because I think that there are enough sad endings in the world already, and I usually want to read a book that gets me away from all of that.

But Little Bee was different.

I found that book sitting in the $2 section at the Galveston Bookstore. (Funny isn’t it? I would pay $20 for it now, having read it.)  I read the back and felt the need to buy it. So I followed my instinct. And I’m glad I did.

After reading Little Bee, I decided I wanted to read more books that made me feel. Books that made me think. That inspired me to be better.

So I started looking.

I found so many books that I can’t wait to start reading. I hope they will be just as great as they sound. I thought I might take a minute and share some of my list with you now.

So, let’s begin!

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My YouTube Channel? – AKA My Crazy Adventure In Video Land!

Hello Darling Hearts!

If you’ve seen my goal list for 2015, you’ll know that one of my goals is to make and upload YouTube videos.

Well with the help of Star Sisters Waverly and Catherine, we’ve started the process of achieving that goal.

Here are the links to my channel, Cat’s channel, and Wave’s channel.

(there aren’t videos up yet, but we’re working on that right now)

We’ve been planning to do this for several months now, but had to have some patience while everything came together.

If you’re wanting a lengthy crazy video land story, you’ve come to the right place. However, if that isn’t your thing, feel free to hop on over to my Instagram or Twitter for something short and sweet!

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Hello New Year!

Hello Darling Hearts!

It’s a brand new year and I’m so glad to be sharing it with you!

After going through the amazing Susannah Conway’s Find Your Word for 2015: A Free Five-Day Email Class, I have found my word for this year.

My word is:

Why believe?

Because this is the year I start to believe that my dreams can become my reality.

Last year I started the process of believing in myself, (still a work in progress), and now I am ready to move forward a bit more.

Actually, a lot more. I have so many goals to accomplish this year.

I have things I want to do, and for the first time, I am believing that I can do them!

My goals might seem a bit daunting to me right now. And, who knows, I might not get them all accomplished this year. But who cares? I started. And I’ll keep on going.

I’m not going to finish this race on my own time. I accept that. I don’t have control over everything and I’m just going to have to live with it.

But I do have control over whether or not I try. And I’m going to do it.

And I will finish the race. 

Not when I think I should. But when I need to. Not when my mind thinks I need to. But when God knows I need to.

Some of my life goals for this year are:

Be MYSELF in everything I do, despite what others may think of me.

Be less self conscious when it comes to pictures of myself.

Art journal more.

Fill out my Gratitude journal (gift from Granny) completely.

Take more beautiful photographs, just because.

Some of my business goals for this year are:

Make YouTube videos such as vlogs/challenges/etc.

Blog/vlog *at least* once a week.

Write an eBook (maybe more than one) and offer it for sale on my blog.

Purchase better equipment to improve my blog/videos.

Add some listings to Etsy

Design my blog to look just how I want it.

Purchase a custom domain name.

Become affiliates for/collaborate with some of my favorite people/companies so that I can share the love.

Give back to spread the positivity.

While you’re reading this you’ll find me celebrating the New Year with my Star Sisters, letting go of the past and preparing for the future. I hope you’ll come back to join me on my journey.

Until then, thanks for stopping by!