Something About Christmas

Hello Dear Ones,

No, I’m still here.

Just a little busy that’s all. I thought I better check in for a quick update.

Gosh, this is a great month. Christmas is on it’s merry little way! I’m so excited! There is a lot going on here with the Star Sisters, let me tell you.

After our meal on Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas tree, put out the lights, brought out all the Santa decor, and started listening to non-stop Christmas music.

We went out on Black Friday (as is our annual tradition) and had so much fun! I found a few gifts that I just know will be perfect for my sisters! (I’m sorry that I can’t share yet, but I know they’ll come read this post to see if I mentioned their presents!)

We visited a lot of shops, and many Starbucks… (Dude, Chestnut Praline Frappuccino!)

There are so many presents underneath our Christmas tree it looks like Santa’s Elves have been working there! And they are all so festively wrapped and ribbon-ed! Catherine and Waverly have really outdone themselves this time!

I love gift giving! And finding a perfect gift for someone is so much fun!

For us, almost the ENTIRE month of December is dedicated to preparation for Christmas. We bring out all the decor, shop for presents, bake goodies, dance to Christmas music read Christmas stories, etc.

And this year I’m doing a bit more because I am in planning overdrive. Blog planning, vlog planning, Instagram challenge planning, craft planning, ebook planning, SO MUCH PLANNING!

I am so excited for the coming year. 

Catherine, Waverly, and I are gearing up to do some vlogs on our YouTube channels. I’ll have more info on that next month. We have compiled a list of a few challenge ideas, so that really ought to be interesting.

I am planning some blog change ideas and even considering purchasing a custom URL and updating my blog platform. We’ll see where that goes. (If you’ve traveled back through my posts, and are reading this from the future, I was on Blogger using a free URL)

I’m reading up some things so that I can (hopefully) prepare to open up my Etsy shop.

That’s all I’ll say for now, I’ll have the full list ready on January 1st.

See you in a bit,



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