Lauren Ceallaigh?

(this is an old post from my Blogger blog)

Hello My Dearest Ones,

No doubt you’ve noticed the name change, huh?

Welcome to

I’m sure it might spark some negativity. Some people might have liked it better the other way.

I’ll be the first to say, I loved it too!

Enchanted By This Life was a name I created in the beginning of this year. The amazing 2014! And was it ever amazing!

I started out with a goal that I accomplished completely. A goal I will continue to accomplish.

To start looking for the things to be enchanted by.

To stop letting the days fly by as “just days”. Days in which nothing extraordinary happened.

I started looking for beauty. And beauty began showing itself in ways that were there all along, if only I had stopped to look.

I am, utterly and completely, Enchanted By This Life.

I finished what I set out to do. I accomplished a goal! As embarrassing as this is to admit, I think that this is the first major goal that I’ve ever accomplished.

For many years I stopped making goals.

I looked at goals in utter disgust.

To me, goals and resolutions were these awful things that people would set up just so that they could fail.

Why would I shoot for something that is so high, if I already knew that failure was inevitable?

Yes, I was quite a fun person to be around.

I’m not completely over that nagging, pessimistic, worry wort, idea.

But I’ve gotten better.

I’ve gotten better by admitting that I was wrong. 

There are so many great things in this life that I was missing out on, because I was so afraid of failure, that I never wanted to try.

But I was wrong. So very wrong.

I’m still afraid of failure.

Sometimes I’m still afraid to try.

But I am growing out of it. One step at a time.

Starting this blog was the first step.

Looking for beauty and enchantment all around me was the next.

Now I am ready for the next step. And it’s a big one. And it’s hard. And I’m scared.

But I’ve got to do this.

I’ve got to accept myself. I’ve got to be enough. Exactly as I am right now.

I’m not sure how long this is going to take.

It may take a lot longer than it should.

But you know what? I’m starting.

And the Lauren of 2013 and the years before never would have. I never would have tried.

Because I have myself convinced that I am an utter failure. A person worse than everyone else. A person who can’t do anything. Who will spend the rest of her life doing nothing worth mentioning.


Welcome to

My first step in declaring myself enough.

I don’t need a blog name. My name is what I will use. My business is what I will create.




Thank you, for everything,



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