Summer’s End

Hello Darling Hearts,

Autumn is arriving tomorrow! And we just can’t wait!

Our Summer was oh so lovely, but it’s time is coming to a close.

Before we enter into lovely Autumn, I just wanted to take a review of our Summer.

The Star Sisters and I had so much fun this Summer.

Even with the heat, we found ways to enjoy ourselves.

It began with a trip to Galveston. What a way to start off!

The Storm Statue on Seawall
The Angel Wing Seashell I found.
Cat picked some of the lovely white flowers that grow in between the rocks along the Seawall. There were hundreds of them every morning!
The heavenly sunrise of Galveston Island
The Bungalow shop on The Strand
Hendley Market on The Strand
The water beside our canal house rental

We also made time for plenty of these…. : )

Once we arrived back home, it was time for a party. A tea party, that is.

And since we were dealing with Summer in Texas, it was time for an iced teaΒ party.

After that, there was plenty of time spent outdoors.

Both at home,

and at the Botanic Gardens.

Our plum tree did superbly well this year.

And there was certainly no lack of sunshine!

We crafted and created. Granny came up with this idea for a seashell mirror.

And we spent even more time outside!

Β All in all, we had quite a bit of fun.

And whether we were out running around with Starbucks in hand, or just relaxing at home, we were having a great time simply because we were together.

And so, we will continue onto Autumn much in the same way. Hand in hand.