Who Are You, Really?

Hello Beautiful Hearts!

Who are you, really?

Who are you?

If someone were to come up to you and ask that question, what would your answer be?

Probably your name right?

When you are asked to introduce yourself in front of a group of people you’d probably say something like,

“Hi, my name is Lucy. I’m 28 years old. I was born in Arizona.”

Or something of the sort.

But is that really who you are?

Your name was given to you. You don’t get a say in what your age is, nor where you were born.

That isn’t who you are.

I recently found this poem by a talented young writer named Madisen Kuhn.

I think that about sums it up.

I think my favorite part is: You are not where you are from, but where you’re going.

The entire idea is this:

You create yourself.

You choose who you are.

You are your choices. You are your dreams. You are your destiny.

You are everything.

The place you were born into does not define you.

The person you choose to be defines you.

Never allow anyone else to make you something you aren’t

You aren’t the latest trends, even if you choose to follow them.

You aren’t what everyone says people of your age group are.

You aren’t your parents.

You aren’t your spouse.

You aren’t anyone else.

You are you.

You are a wonderful combination of amazing. 

Of astounding. 

Of gloriously perfect mess.

That is utterly unique to you.

You are your choices.

Nobody else has the power to define you.

Let go of the need to please. Become yourself.

Become who you were destined to be.

Never allow someone to tell you who you are. Or decide who you are going to be.

You may not realize it, but you’ve already started making that decision right now.

Welcome to your amazing life.

And now, dear ones, I ask again.

Who are you, really?



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