Pray For Peace – A New Video by Reba McEntire

Hello Dearest!

Whether you are a fan of country music or not, you really should take a peek at Reba McEntire’s new music video Pray For Peace.

Reba released this video a couple of weeks ago. In her own words “The idea to write the song “Pray For Peace” came to me last year as I was walking on our place in Gallatin, Tn.  For days I’d sing, “Pray for Peace”, over and over.  It wasn’t until several months later did the other parts start to fall in place.  Some, not until we got into the studio to record it. I feel this song is a gift from God.  I have never worked on a song as long as this one. It went from a bass drum, fiddle and singers to guest artists singing with me, adding more instruments and even a choir and a bagpipe!”

Reba then asked others for help creating a video for the song by videoing themselves in their favorite peaceful place and making a praying sign and then converting that into two peace signs.

Her fans responded to this request and hundreds of videos were sent in. These clips of people “praying for peace” are now in her official music video.

We can all take a lesson from this.

Reba kept hearing “Pray for Peace” in her head and singing it over and over. She didn’t know what it meant. But she listened.

We all have those little thoughts that just appear in our head and won’t go away, but not all of us listen to them.

And sometimes our heads are so full of other useless things that we can barely hear the thoughts. And those thoughts just might be the ones that matter the most.

So please, take a moment to clear your head.

Pray, meditate, do whatever it is that calms you.

And listen.

What you hear just might surprise you.

And you just might want make a Pray for Peace video.

Just go to your quiet place. (It can be in your home, outside, anywhere really. Wherever you feel the most calm and comforted.)

And take a video of you making the Pray for Peace sign.

You can upload it to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc… Just use the #PrayForPeace !

Thank you and have a wonderful day,



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