Midnight Lavender Tea Party

Hello Darling Hearts!

Last month, we held a special celebration in honor of Granny’s and Maybelline’s birthday.

They were both born on May 26th, but since we were on vacation over their birthdays we instead had the party on Friday, June 6th. (That, by the way, was your cue to completely disregard the fact that it is JULY and I’m just now posting this.)

It was a lovely party. And a complete surprise.

The Star Sisters -Catherine, Waverly, Marie,- and I, plotted and planned for months!

And it was worth every single moment of it.

Catherine and Waverly soon took charge of the decor, while Marie and I planned the menu.

Our theme was Midnight Lavender.

I will share all of our resources and recipes at the end of this post, so if you see anything you’d like to make, give it a try!

It was perfect. Better than we even dreamed up. Granny and Maybelline were beyond surprised.

Our place settings.

Cat made the flowerpots. We weren’t able to use real flowers, because we had no way of getting them in time. So Catherine and Waverly created these, as well as other, lovely flowers.

Marie and I had a ball making the food. Everyone said it tasted delicious.

In the above picture you’ll see our appetizers. We had several different kinds of humus complete with pita bread and strawberry salsa with cinnamon sugar chips.

I should have taken this picture before the sandwiches were raided. Waverly lent a helping hand with our cooking and baking exploits by using a star cookie cutter to make the sandwiches beautiful.

Even though most tea parties serve hot tea, a Summer in Texas leaves you quite thirsty for something cold! So we served flavored iced tea instead.

Veerrryyy refreshing! 🙂

And feel free to toss in some lemons or sugar for added flavor!

The dessert was by far the funnest to make and eat!

Yep, blue velvet cupcakes! They taste just like red velvet, but for a Midnight Lavender Tea Party we had to go with blue!

I am actually quite proud of my “rose” design on the cupcakes, this being my first attempt at cupcake decorating. I watched a bunch of tutorials on creating a rose swirl, and then just went for it. I was surprised at how easy it was!

We also served peach cobbler, so (knowing we had to top it with ice cream) we used another star cookie cutter to make vanilla ice cream stars!

It was a lot of fun, and we are looking forward to doing it again next year!

Almost all of the recipes and tutorials we used can be found on my Pinterest page.

The humus was just purchased at the grocery store and we just bought pita bread and cut it into triangles.

The strawberry salsa is one of my recipes. I’ll have to share later, though if you need it now you can probably find a pretty similar recipe online.

The turkey basil sandwiches are simply turkey, basil pesto, and tomato.

Here are the recipe links:

Ham and Apricot Sandwiches 

There are three recipes listed there, we only used the Ham and Apricot recipe.

Peanut Butter and Honey Sprinkle Sandwiches

Blue Velvet CupcakesCream Cheese Frosting

Vanilla Cupcakes —- Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Peach Cobbler

Cookie Cutter Ice Cream Idea

Rose Swirl Cupcake Frosting

(I watched many different videos, but that one was my favorite.)

Have fun!



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