Summer Solstice

Hello Dear Ones!

A few days ago Granny, the Star Sisters, and I celebrated the Summer Solstice 2014.

And celebrate we did! The proper way.

With smore’s. 

The night was perfect.

Not too hot.

Not too windy.

We gathered around the fire and burnt papers filled with things we no longer want to see in our life.

Then we toasted new beginnings by roasting marshmallows.

We made Dream Pillows as well.

They are lovely little pillows hand-sewn by each of us, stuffed nice and fluffy, and they each have a Lavender and Chamomile sachet tucked inside.

And the day after? It rained. Sweet, soft, beautiful smelling Summer rain.

We all spent time doing our favorite things and enjoyed the peace and serenity that comes with such rainy days.

What do I love most about Summer?

Warm days under the sun. Plums fresh off of the plum tree. Enjoying the water, in the form of sprinklers, pools, etc. Celebrating Independence Day. Ice Cream. Rainy days. Reading. Iced Coffee. Spending more time in the Craft Room.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

I love many things about Summer.

And I am more than happy to see its return this year.

The things that began in Spring will continue on in the Summer months. I hope to have even more things accomplished by the time Autumn arrives. I am quite happy with what I have completed thus far, and I look to the future to continue on with many more things.

Summer Blessings to all!



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