Traveling Along Winding Roads – Heading Home

Hello Dear Ones,

-This post was written last week, as we headed home.-

Life is beautiful. Life is blissful. And I am enjoying it completely.

As I write this now I am traveling back home. We are taking long winding roads through the countryside. There are beautiful  wildflowers bursting with color inside wonderful grassy fields.

The sky is such a majestic blue, and it is filled with puffy white clouds. And to top it all off every once in a while a lovely light gray cloud passes by and showers us with a little rain.

I am thankful for our vacation, it was lovely. We enjoyed it so much, and had a lot of fun. But I am glad to be returning home.

I can’t wait to see how much has changed. How green the grass will be. If our plum tree has grown any more plums. If the cats are lazily lying in the sun. If the chickens have laid eggs.

We’ve had a friend house sitting for us, and she’s given us plenty of reports, but seeing it with my own eyes will be wonderful.

I’ve missed home.

I’ve missed normal.

I am a creature of habit, that I’ll admit. I never mind doing about the same things every day. I’ll do a few different things of course, but I like having a “schedule”, if you will.

I like seeing our house everyday. Waking up and looking our my window at the countryside. Checking the chickens for eggs. Working. Crafting. Writing. Reading. Lounging around outside.

All part of our perfect everyday life.

And I can’t wait to get back to it.



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