A Happy Return

Hello Dear Ones!

I am so very happy to be back. As some of you know, I took step back from blogging, pinning, and the like.

I needed it. I needed to get away from the constant pull of technology and find better ways to spend my time. And I did.

I had the most relaxing time these past few weeks. I feel refreshed, re-energized, and ready to begin again.

I found myself spending a lot of time outdoors, and I loved it. I never realized how much I missed simply being outside. I will definitely continue enjoying myself out there more often.

I read books, wrote blog posts, planned out my schedule, crafted, and even began art journaling.

I was always afraid to try art journaling, because I am not an artistically inclined person. Not in the least. I want to be. I want to be able to draw and create things in mere minutes, but I can’t. Not yet anyway. And I have decided that I am okay with that. Because you don’t have to have talent to enjoy doing something. Especially something just for you. Art journaling is just for me. So all that matters is that I enjoy it. And I do.

I am glad I made the decision to turn off the computer. To step away from my blog. Because I think that because of that time spent away, I made myself better.

I feel more at peace. I feel truly happy.

My mind is clear. Devoid of the constant ring of “I can’t. So I won’t”. I am not yet up to “I can.” but I am much better with “I will try. And I just might succeed.” And that, in itself, is a huge step.

I feel ready for the future. Not afraid of it. Not wondering if it will be good. But knowing it will be good.

All in the matter of a few weeks I changed my future. Because I decided to try. Better than that, I decided that if I fail, I will be okay. And even better than that…. I decided that if I do fail….. I will try again.

Because the things I want are worth fighting for.

And fight for them, I will.

Thank you for coming, I hope to see you again soon,



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