Little Notes: Christmas Break

Hello Darling Hearts!

It’s time for a bit of a Christmas/New Years break. From now until January 11th I’m going to be stepping back from this blog + my YouTube channel. This will give me some holiday time to spend with my family, as well as a few days to plan out 2016. Workbook time! I will be back with lots of new + awesome sauce goodies very soon. You will also be seeing one more post on Dec 31st. This will be my already written and scheduled Word Of The Year announcement. If you are unfamiliar with what a word of the year is, or if you do know, but are having trouble selecting yours, I suggest checking out Susannah Conway’s Find Your Word For 2016 course. It’s a free 5 day email course that will help you decide what your guiding word should be for this year. It’s all about YOU! Susannah provides guidance and ideas, but you are the one who will be selecting the word that fits what you need in 2016.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays, and I look forward to seeing you again in 2016! It’s going to be another extraordinarily magical year, I can feel it!

Love always,




Little Notes: Quiet Busy-ness

Hello Gorgeous Souls!

It’s been a while since my last note. But it’s been a busy time. I’ve been trying to get a lot done, a lot scheduled. Halloween has passed. Thanksgiving approaches. Christmas shopping. We’re going on vacation at the end of this month. Christmas decor. More Christmas shopping. Present wrapping. Preparation. And then Christmas! And during that time I’ll be doing Vlogmas, so it’ll be quite an event.

Life is busy near the holidays, but it’s often a quiet busy-ness, if that makes sense. When you’re not in the Christmas crowds, you’re at home, planning and wrapping and decorating.

I spend a lot of time planning near the years end. I struggle with remembering that I need to enjoy the rest of 2015. That there is more time to do wondrous things with life. I guess it’s because I get so swept away in the planning. But I’ve tried to remember more this year. No skipping! Enjoy each and every moment! And if I have an idea for next year I write it down… and put it away. It’s not time yet. It’s still 2015. The year of Believing In Myself.

I’m not allowing myself to pick out a word of the year for 2016 yet. I must wait. I’m not allowing myself to fill out my LDI 2016 Workbooks until after Christmas. Just like last year. It was hard, but I managed! And then I enjoyed a few blissful after-Christmas-days of planning and solitude. That often helps me get rid of the sad feeling of “Christmas is over!”, which is sometimes hard to cope with.

So my time right now is being spent planning and fulfilling the rest of 2015. Completing goals I never dreamed of accomplishing, and Creating A Life I Love Living. What bliss!

Love always,



Autumn Lovely List

Hello Darling Hearts!

Today is the first day of Autumn, and you know what that means.

It’s time for the Autumn Lovely List!

Autumn Lovely List

(If you don’t know what this list is all about, check the first few paragraphs of this post, it’ll explain!)

Truthfully, this entire post could be summed up with this:

What do I love about Fall? Everything.

It is my utmost favorite season of all. So it should be no surprise that this list was so easy to create, and made me so happy to share!

Autumn Lovely List

* Books! It’s time to snuggle up and read!

*It’s is the weather of Fall that makes me yearn for hot tea and hot apple cider.

*Sweaters, scarves, and  boots, OH MY!

*Cool weather! It’s time to turn off the ever running in Summer AC’s. This is most definitely welcome, after the days of unbearable heat.

*The scents! Oh my goodness, the scents! Is there anything more delightful than to visit a candle store in the midst of Autumn?

*Majestic colors! Golds, greens, purples, browns, reds, oranges, and yellows! All of these lovely colors come out in their full glory in Autumn!

*To some, they are a nuisance. But is there truly anything more perfectly symbolic of Fall than watching a leaf float delicately to the ground? I think not. Therefore, those lovely leaves belong on my lovely list.

*Rain, oh sweet rain. If don’t know already, there is nothing I love more than a rainy day. And this season gives us so much needed rain. And it’s utter perfection.

*Pumpkin patches are so fun to spot! And an excellent setting for photography.

*It’s time for Halloween! And who doesn’t have fun on the spookiest, most candy filled night of the year.

*And Thanksgiving will soon follow. A culmination of a lot of Fall lovely things!

*Spotting scarecrows everywhere!

*It’s my official baking time! Anyone who loves concocting sweet treats in the kitchen is ready for the scents of apple, cinnamon, hazelnut, pumpkin, nutmeg, cloves, banana, nuts, caramel, and vanilla to come wafting out of the oven.

*There’s something about Full Moons in Autumn. They just seem so much more magical!

*The balance of quiet and busy. Have you noticed that Autumn is always both quiet and busy? Students and teachers are shuffling into classes, attempting to accomplish all of their tasks. Yardwork and cleaning up those wonderful leaves can leave everyone very busy. But in the evenings, or in that serene moment you were able to catch, there is peace. There is quiet. And you remember how good life truly is.

So, what’s on your list?


Love always,


My Etsy Shop!

Hello Darling Hearts!

As promised, my Etsy shop is now open!


It’s been an interesting journey, and I’m happy to move onto the next step in that journey.

To visit the shop:

BUT WAIT! Don’t forget this super special celebration discount code! It’s for 30% your purchase, whether that’s an already created canvas or a custom made one. Use this: GRANDOPENING 

I hope you enjoy!

Love always,


Little Notes: Listening To The Silence

Hello Gorgeous Souls!

I know that it’s been quiet over here, so let me give you a little behind the scenes break down.

I won’t lie, the first part of this week has been very difficult for me. I didn’t do any work or much of anything on Monday or Tuesday, which wasn’t my intention. I just wasn’t up to it. I’m a little scared right now. I’m creating these plans and coming up with ideas for all the changes I want to make, and that’s always both a good and a bad thing for me. I want to create very amazing these and put myself out there in the world, but failure terrifies me. I don’t want to fail. I know that’s inevitable, and everyone fails at something, but I would like to live in a perfect little world where nobody ever fails or gets hurt. And I don’t think that’s too much to ask! Okay, yes I do. Because that’s the craptastic part. We have to fail in order to truly appreciate our success. So I’m going to have to let go and give it my all. But I’m scared. I really am. And those pesky little thoughts keep coming back to my head. “What if you give it everything you’ve got and all that you are, and it still isn’t enough?” “What if you put who you really are out there, and everyone hates you for it?” I hate those thoughts. They bring me down to places I never want to see. But I’ve got to face them. They aren’t going to go away. I can’t change them. So I have to change me. I have to answer those thoughts with better ones. I have to say “I’m doing it anyway.” and “I like me. If they don’t, that’s their problem.” And I’ll get there. But right now I’m still taking the steps. So here’s a step coming up:

On Monday, I’ll be officially opening my Etsy shop. Whether I feel ready or not. Whether I feel good enough or not. It’s going to open on Monday. No excuses. No options. I’m going to do it. I’m ready.

Love always, 



Sharing The Love – August 31st

Hello Gorgeous Souls!

It’s time once again, to Share The Love!

These are links to some really neat things that I have found from other websites. (No sponsors, just something I stumbled upon!) You really should have a look!

This awesome poet on Tumblr who describes emotions as colors.

This hilariously titled Hate The Donut, Not The Fatty video by Meghan Tonjes about weight and self-love.

These 15 empowering book quotes for young adults. (or anyone who wants to read them, because screw stereotypes!)

This list of words that don’t exist, but should.

These J K Rowling quotes worth paying attention to.

These 8 Smartphone Photography Tricks. (yay!)

The Love Letter Library. (just check it out, believe me!)

Remember, if you find something awesome, don’t forget to share! Mention your link in the comments and I might add it to the next Share The Love! (Feel free to add your own link as well!)

Love always,


Late Night Write

Hello Darling Hearts,

There are some nights that I just can’t sleep. Or I wake up on the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep.

Either way I wind up staring at the darkened ceiling, waiting for sleep. Sometimes it comes quickly, other times not so much.

But I’ve found a bit of a remedy for that.

I write.

I’m not the best writer, but I am a writer.

That doesn’t mean anything except that I love writing. It gives me a sense of peace. And I adore it.

And sometimes I’ll write everything out, fall asleep, and not think about the next morning.

So finding this in my Google Keep on my tablet was a bit of a surprise.Read More »

I Never Wanted To Be Skinny

Hello Gorgeous Souls

Today I’m going a bit personal. It might get a bit ramble-y who knows? But I’ve got some stuff that I want to get out there, so here goes.

Let’s talk about that word.


What does it mean exactly? Websters dictionary defines it as “very thin”. Society defines it as a requirement. For me, it’s defined as an annoyance.

I never wanted to be skinny.

I have heard that word my entire life. People have called me skinny, a skinny-minny, barely there, said that I was built like a dancer, and so on and so forth. And I have hated it. I hate it.

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Little Notes: Summer Days

Hello Darling Hearts,

Summer often brings to mind lazy days spent in the sunshine (or in front of the A/C 😉 Texas, people, Texas!) I prefer those days to be spent with a book in hand, sipping on iced tea. And those are good days! Everyone needs to experience lazy days. They are so enjoyable. “What did you do today?” “Abso-fruit-ly nothing!” Because all of those “nothings”, all of those little things are actually important things. They’re the things you choose to do. You aren’t working and doing the things you are “supposed” to do. You’re making a choice to do something you enjoy. Which means that it’s probably something you need to do. Whether it’s reading a book just for fun, crafting just for fun, napping because you want to, baking for enjoyment… etc. Whatever it is, you’re doing it for you. And that’s awesome!

So what am I doing? Well, I’m trying to blend Summery laziness and important productiveness into one thing. I’m writing, videoing, editing, blogging, creating, changing, and enjoying. And it’s extraordinarily fun! Some days it doesn’t go as planned. Some days I’ll be thinking about how much I need to write a blog post/make a video/do SOMETHING and decide not to do…. anything. And I usually get angry at myself for it later. But, I’m learning. I’m learning to just get out there and DO it. It’s SO much easier that way. And I’m getting there.

My productivity is getting better and better. And things are getting better. I suppose I’m starting to finally realize just how connected those two things are. I can’t expect things to change unless I’m the one changing them. I can hope for change, but I have to be prepared to accept that it isn’t going to happen unless I make it happen.

I’ll write more later.

Love always,


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